And so I am off on the wonderful world of blogging...

And so I am off on the wonderful world of blogging, not just because my SEO suggest it will help me in the Google food chain, but because I am asked so often what exactly do I do at the beach.  And by this I know my friends back in Baltimore and DC are wondering how I live at the beach and what I do besides selling Real Estate, although this is a full-time job, last night ending at 9:30 PM and starting this Blog at 3:00 AM. 

In this Blog I hope to give you a prospective of the market and lifestyle that you can't find in a Zillow estimate or a Annual Housing Report.  Our market ,like our weather, seems to change often.  Some times a community is red hot and it is either feast or famine.  I would also like to give you an insider's tip on where to find the best seafood Happy Hour @Henlopen City Oyster House or where you should spend your Sunday Brunch if you want to feast like a local @Confucius  Who would of thought 15 years ago that Rehoboth would have some of the best authentic Chinese food.

I am going to do my best to blog as often as possible and about anything I think you may want to know.  If you have a specific question about a community or a business that you think other people would want to know just ask.  Starting my day early with an 8:00 AM Rental Affairs meeting held at Coldwell Banker then off to the gym.

Joe Maggio