Sell Your Home With Us

So you are ready to sell your Delaware property?  We welcome the interview process and competition in your selection of a top area Realtor who can get the job done. We pride ourselves on providing an intimate boutique approach to the selling process and the relationship we have with our clients.

Most home sellers are already aware of this but before you begin the selling process you have to know your competition, competing homes, your obstacles, (i.e. lack of a first floor suite), and have realistic expectations as to your home’s selling price through recent closed sales.  Keep in mind the closed sales should be within 180 days of your listing, and preferably in the same neighborhood or community.  This is how an appraisal will determine your value during the home buyer’s mortgage process.

The very thought of having people traipse in and out of your home or taking a quick peek between rentals is daunting, and when it’s time to get the feedback, often gut wrenching.  But keep an open mind, set aside your emotional investment, yesterdays' values, and also that original appraisal you have from a decade ago, for times have changed (Los tiempos cambian... probably the only Spanish I retained from high school), and so should your home selling approach.

Most property sellers are competing against new construction and for the most part they can out-perform with incentives and discount to upgrades you took out a small loan to afford, i.e. granite, wood flooring, or a gourmet kitchen.   Your knowledge of the goings on around you will be paramount in reaching your goals.

How Our Front Desk Works - Alerting You of Possible Showing.  
We utilize a 3rd party based in the U.S. that is available to set-up a showing of your home virtually 360 days a year from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm EST.   How does this benefit you?  Most traditional brokerages are open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.  Let's face it, would you hire a Realtor who quits work every day at 5:00 pm? Not us, we work every weekend, and may need to access a property after hours.  Having someone avaiable to answer your call at any time aids the Realtor in selling your home.

Feedback it, don’t you?  
When a showing is set for your listing, the Realtors Access Status is verified and immediately sent a survey form to complete evaluating the showing.  That feedback comes back to you as soon as completed by the Realtor allowing you to make real time decisions, i.e., “My clients love the home and location but would have preferred a more neutral paint color”.  With this feedback we can discuss a possible paint credit or reduction!

Online marketing and social media are more keys that will unlock the true value of your home's potential.  An online presence allows potential buyers from around the globe to quickly find their next home.  Your Realtor’s knowledge of leading websites and search engine optimization will place your home in front of the pack.  Google us and check out our reviews online. 

Bring your home to market with the help of one of our experienced Realtors who are leaders in the industry, and if you're still not 'sold', give us a call and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have about selling your Delaware property.